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Discover the interesting global of biology with "U- X- L(R) whole lifestyles technology Resource," that includes alphabetically prepared entries on theories, ideas and medical discoveries and advancements pertinent to the learn of existence technological know-how in colleges at the present time. additionally featured is a chronology of discoveries with a timeline of global occasions, a normal for extra details part, and a examine and job part. This 3-vol. set comprises illustrations, graphs and charts to assist scholars comprehend such lifestyles technology subject matters as: Human physique platforms and lifestyles Cycles crops, Animals and type Cells and straightforward Organisms replica and Heredity Populations and Ecosystems legislation and behaviour range and version and lots more and plenty extra

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The series of events or reactions that occur during aerobic respiration are known as the Krebs cycle. This cycle is named after the German biochemist Hans Krebs (1900–1981), who discovered that glucose is broken down in a chain of reactions. Aerobic respiration, therefore, results in the release of a large amount of energy, but only if oxygen is present. It is in this way in which animals and plants obtain energy. ANAEROBIC RESPIRATION Anaerobic respiration is the opposite of aerobic, since it involves a type of respiration that does not involve oxygen.

As a result, thousands of people in these countries die every year because of lack of food. AIDS AIDS AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is a disease caused by a virus that disables the immune system. The virus enters the body through the bloodstream, duplicates itself rapidly, and eventually destroys the body’s immune system. This leaves the victim susceptible to other infectious diseases that usually prove fatal. AIDS is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that was first isolated in 1983.

Tissue: The name for a group of similar cells that have a common structure and function and which work together. Toxins: Chemical substances that destroy life or impair the function of living tissue and organs. xxx U ؒX ؒL C o m p l e t e L i f e S c i e n c e R e s o u r c e Transpiration: Loss of water by evaporation through the stomata of the leaves of a plant. Words to Know Tropism: The growth of a plant in a certain manner or direction as a response to a particular stimulus, such as when a plant grows toward the light source.

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