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In this work we use the on-shell scheme for the one-loop calculation in Chap. 5. 1 On-Shell Renormalization Scheme In the on-shell scheme the renormalization constants are fixed by the on-shell renormalization conditions, demanding that the renormalized mass parameters are equal to the real parts of the propagator poles, that the residues of the renormalized propagators are equal to 1 and that e is the elementary charge from Thomson-scattering, resulting in vanishing loop contributions to the eeA vertex on-shell and for zero momentum transfer.

21, 434–444 (1949) 2. ’t Hooft, M. Veltman, Regularization and renormalization of Gauge fields. Nucl. Phys. B44, 189–213 (1972) 3. G. Passarino, M. Veltman, One loop corrections for e+ e− annihilation into μ+ μ− in the Weinberg model. Nucl. Phys. B160, 151 (1979) 4. J. Küblbeck, M. Böhm, A. Denner, Feyn Arts: computer algebraic generation of Feynman graphs and amplitudes. Comput. Phys. Commun. 60, 165–180 (1990) 5. A. Denner, H. Eck, O. Hahn, J. Küblbeck, Compact Feynman rules for Majorana fermions.

31) The first term (‘F-term’) comes from Lchiral , the second term (‘D-term’) combines the last term of Eq. 30) and the last term in Eq. 29). It is a peculiarity of supersymmetric models that the scalar potential is given by the Yukawa (F-term) and gauge (D-term) interactions. 1. 9 We will explain below why two Higgs doublets are needed. We follow the convention to define chiral multiplets in terms of left-handed Weyl spinors. That means we regard the right-handed fermions and their superpartners as conjugates of the left-handed fields.

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