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Bill Keel, the writer of the line to Galaxy Formation (Springer-Praxis 2002), has been focused on many parts of extragalactic astronomy, and for the final 18 years has labored on the college of Alabama. Of specific relevance to this e-book is his research of gravitational lensing due to the fact that 1980, early calculations on microlensing of quasars, and an ongoing Hubble survey for gravitational lensing results in silhouetted galaxies as a constraint on titanic dark-matter applicants. His adventure in serving on sixteen NASA evaluate committees for varied space-astrophysics missions and higher-level programmatic concerns has broadened his view of relativity in astronomy triggering the assumption for this book.

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If the jet is moving outward at 90◦ to our direction of sight, we should not see the speed of its knots reach such high velocities. This is one of the paradoxes of relativity – the transverse Doppler shift, caused as “moving clocks run slow”, overcomes the sheer speed of an object unless it is approaching us. Reconciling these two estimates of the jet’s direction brings us back to something that was implicit in the work of Lorentz – the apparent rotation of a rapidly moving object (that is, the Penrose–Terrell rotation).

12), which it is still amazing to see in operation. Sure, the mathematics works out, but it is the sort of thing that does not seem as if it ought to work in practice. This award has been overshadowed in astronomical lore by the share of the same year’s prize awarded to Anthony Hewish. Hewish’s Nobel citation mentions his “decisive role in the discovery of pulsars”. This seems to have been a faux pas on the part of the Nobel committee, since many contemporaries felt this unfairly slighted Jocelyn Bell’s more immediate role (which was in fact recognized in Hewish’s prize lecture).

The data for different spectral features have been arbitrarily scaled for clarity. ) their appearance only relative to a particular means of measurement). These transformations act on both the ways we measure space (sizes, locations) and time (speeds, frequencies). Their mathematical forms had been derived before Einstein, but interpreted as results of interactions with a medium – the ether – which permeated space and was the material in which light moved as a wave. In fact, the central transforming equations of special relativity are sometimes known as the Lorentz transforms, and the scaling factor by which energy increases with velocity is the Lorentz factor, in honor of the eminent Dutch physicist Hendrik Lorentz (1853–1928).

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