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By Jeff Wheeler

Whilst a perilous plague is unleashed within the land of Muirwood, the destiny of the area is positioned within the arms of a tender girl named Lia. Charged to be a paranormal protector, Lia volunteers to be despatched on a determined quest to rescue the squire Colvin, her love, and his scholar Ellowyn Demont, the alleged inheritor to the fallen state of Pry-Ree. nonetheless recuperating from the wounds of her final adventures, Lia units off throughout land and sea caution the dominion of the oncoming plague. the adventure leads her to Dochte Abbey, the place her neighbors are supposedly held. as an alternative, although, a fallen enemy lies in look forward to her, in addition to an insufferable new fact. The revelation will strength Lia to select from the lives of her closest acquaintances and her private desires…

Fantastically epic and continuously attractive, The Scourge of Muirwood is a enormous end to the Muirwood Trilogy.

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He angled his head to the side, then flicked his magnificent eyes to Chaol, who now stood with his arms crossed. She still remembered how adept Archer had been at taking in details. It was probably part of the reason he’d become the top male courtesan in Rifthold. And a formidable opponent when Celaena was training at the Assassins’ Keep. She glanced at Chaol, who was too busy staring down Archer to notice her attention. “He knows everything,” she told Archer. Some tension flowed out of Archer’s shoulders, but the surprise and amusement were wearing off—replaced by hesitant pity.

She just walked quickly back to her rooms with as much dignity as she could muster. Though she kept telling herself that she’d imagined it all, that it was some hallucination from too many hours awake, Celaena couldn’t stop hearing that cursed word again and again. Plans. indd 42 4/2/13 9:06 AM c h r e The person outside the library probably had nothing to do with the king, Celaena told herself as she walked—still not sprinting—down the hall to her room. There were plenty of strange people in a castle this large, and even though she rarely saw another soul in the library, perhaps some people just… wished to go to the library alone.

It had a tongue. Maybe she’d slipped on the stairs and smacked her head into the stones. That’d make more sense than this. An endless, filthy stream of curses began flowing through her head, each more vulgar than the next as she gaped at the knocker. ” The skull huffed, its eyes narrowing. “I’m attached to this door. ” It was impossible—it should be impossible. Magic was gone, vanished from the land ten years ago, before it had even been outlawed by the king. “Everything in this world is magic.

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