The Qur'an Leads the Way to Science by Harun Yahya PDF

By Harun Yahya

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Find out how to study the universe and the entire beings there in and to find God's artwork of production and announce it to humanity is "science". hence, faith adopts technological know-how which will achieve the main points of God's construction and for this reason encourages technological know-how. simply as faith encourages medical examine, so does clinical study that's guided via the evidence communicated through faith yield very speedy and sure effects. it's because faith is the original resource that gives the main right and certain solution to the query of ways the universe and existence got here into being.

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In particular, some paleontologists investigating 50 Religion Helps Sc ien c e To B e Ri ght l y Gui de d Richard Leakey and Alan Walker. Two scientists who have been searching for evidence of evolution in the field of paleontology for years, having spent much of their lives to this end. Both evolutionists have not yet been able to find what they have been looking for. the "origin of man" are caught in a quandary: all research carried out to discover a half-ape/halfhuman creature has been a complete waste of time.

For a scientist who believes that God created every life-form for a specific purpose, and with a perfect design, however, the asymmetric pattern of a bird's feather is an important trait worthy of examination. A scientist who begins with such a premise will soon see that the asymmetric form of bird feathers is necessary for flight, and that birds with symmetric feather forms are unable to fly. Such examples are common in the world of science. Scientists who studied honeybees had a similar experience.

Scales, on the other hand, are plate-like structures within the skin. In addition, scales develop, grow and are shed in a completely different way from that of fur. They definitely have nothing in common. 2. There is no scientific evidence suggesting that fur evolved from scales. Evolutionists have no fossil evidence to prove this claim, just as they can put forth no logical mechanism to account for this transformation. This is not the only unscientific "tale" put forth as to the imaginary transformation of reptiles into mammals.

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