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By Claudia Del P. Lagos (auth.)

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This thesis addresses of the important tactics which underpin the formation of galaxies: the formation of stars and the injection of strength into the interstellar medium from supernovae, referred to as suggestions. In her paintings Claudia Lagos has thoroughly overhauled the therapy of those strategies in simulations of galaxy formation. Her thesis makes significant breakthroughs, and represents the 1st significant steps ahead in those components in additional than a decade. Her paintings has enabled, for the 1st time, predictions to be made which might be in comparison opposed to new observations which probe the impartial gasoline content material of galaxies, starting up a very novel solution to constrain the types. The therapy of suggestions from supernovae, and the way this gets rid of fabric from the interstellar medium, is usually more likely to have an enduring effect at the box.

Claudia Lagos Ph.D. thesis was once nominated through the Institute for Computational Cosmology at Durham college as a good Ph.D. thesis 2012.

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E. stellar mass, M , cold gas mass, Mcold , hot halo gas mass, Mhot , and their respective masses in metals, M Z , Z Z ). The system of equations relating these quantities is Cole et al. and Mhot Mcold (2000): = (1 − R)ψ M˙ M˙ cold = M˙ cool − (1 − R + β)ψ M˙ hot = − M˙ cool + βψ M˙ Z = (1 − R)Z cold ψ Z M˙ cold = M˙ cool Z hot + ( p (1 − e) − (1 + β − R)Z cold )ψ Z M˙ hot = − M˙ cool Z hot + ( p e + β Z cold )ψ. 16) 28 2 The Galaxy Formation Model Here ψ denotes the instantaneous SFR, M˙ cool the cooling rate, β the ratio between the outflow mass rate due to core collapse SNe (SNe cc) and ψ (the efficiency of stellar feedback; Sect.

2005) model have longer SF timescales than those in the Bower et al. (2006) model and are therefore more gas-rich. This leads to more SF activity in bursts in the Baugh et al. (2005) model compared to the Bower et al. (2006) model. • The IMF is assumed to be universal in the Bower et al. (2006) model, while the Baugh et al. (2005) model assumes two IMFs, a top-heavy IMF during SBs and a Kennicutt IMF during quiescent SF in disks. • The Bower et al. (2006) model reincorporates the cold gas reheated by SNe into the hot halo after 2 dynamical times (which is a model parameter), while the Baugh et al.

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