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Area stations were the mainstay and "work horses" of the overseas aerospace for the previous 3 many years. they're hugely valued as scientific laboratories for studying in regards to the results of house on people, astronomy structures for learning far away stars and galaxies, remark posts for viewing and reading environmentally delicate areas on the earth, and springboards for destiny human trip to quite a few planets inside our sun method and probably past. From the early and comparatively basic Skylab, Salyut, and Mir to the trendy overseas house Station, those structures were domestic to many astronauts from many countries investigating medical phenomena in a microgravity setting 250 miles in house whirling through at 17,000 miles according to hour.

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A space walker must keep tethered to his spacecraft. 20 The thirty-year history of space stations has clearly established the viability of humans living and working in orbit. Dozens of astronauts living successfully in space for a total of thousands of days have laid a foundation for continued research on life in space. What at one time was a topic of conjecture has been conclusively and decisively answered by experimentation. During the 1970s physicians specializing in space medicine also set out to establish whether the human body could successfully function in a weightless environment.

Soviet engineers designed Mir to be far superior to the earlier Salyut and Skylab stations. 32 Space Stations space stations. Mir, a Russian word meaning “peace,” drawing on lessons from both the successes and failures of Salyut, was primarily intended to prove that humans could survive in a weightless environment for years, not just months. Secondarily, Mir would also be called upon to serve as a laboratory where more complex experiments than those conducted on Skylab and Salyut could be done.

When that happens, there are many challenges for the first-time visitor to the ISS. Meals on space stations present myriad problems because of weightlessness, a shortage of storage space, spoilage, 49 50 Space Stations Café ISS Ed Lu, the American commander on the ISS, enjoyed working on the space station as well as eating on it. While in space on the ISS, he wrote an article about food titled “Eating at Café ISS” for NASA’s Web site. In the article, he describes some of the more interesting and amusing experiences of dining in a weightless environment.

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