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By Ian Stewart, Justin P. Lomont

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Simplifying the advanced chemical reactions that occur each day during the well-stated solutions for greater than 900 universal chemistry questions, this reference is the go-to consultant for college students and pros alike. The ebook covers every little thing from the heritage, significant personalities, and groundbreaking reactions and equations in chemistry to laboratory innovations all through historical past and the newest advancements within the box. Chemistry is a necessary element of all lifestyles that connects with and affects all branches of technology, making this readable source worthy throughout quite a few disciplines whereas closing obtainable at any point of chemistry heritage. From the search to make gold and early versions of the atom to sun cells, bio-based fuels, and eco-friendly chemistry and sustainability, chemistry is usually on the leading edge of technological swap and this reference breaks down the necessities into an simply understood structure.

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TT878, ch. I, p. IU,ch. 2, p. ga, a Sung text. C Tr. and annot. Kaltenmark (z), pp. 183ff. d Vol. 4, pt. 2, p. loo. KO Hung mentions it in a list of cover-names, PPTINP, ch. 16, p. 6b, cf. Ware (S), p. 271. A parallel is the case of the Sung or pre-Sung physician Kuo Shih-Chun7 who gave his name to the Rangoon creeper Quisqualis indica, an anthelminthic plant (Sect. 38). f Ch. 3, (p. log), among books on elixirs and other macrobiotic techniques. g As by Li Kuang-Hsuan8 in TTz63, p. %a. h Vol. 2, p.

Chu Phing-Man might well have learnt the art in secrecy but neither spoke about it nor used it. a I n any case the story would be of the late -4th century. T h e Taoist cult of the holy immortals, so closely associated with alchemy, does not loom very large in the Chuan~T m book, but there are passages which speak about them clearly enough. c I n another place a significant passage reads : * Far away on the Ku-shC Shans (mountains)=there live numinous men whose flesh and skin are smooth as ice and pale as snow.

Ware (S), p. 41. C Most probably many did. ) was in Thaiwan in 1962 he met a Taoist who told him that he used shih chung humg tzu11 frequently (brown haematite, RP&) together with certain berries which he showed him. Abstaining from cereals (chiieh h 1 2 ) was of course a widespread practice, discussed in many of the medical books. d The identification of urhat was meant by this Taoist religious symbol is a matter of much difficulty (cf. pt. 2, pp. I 16, 121 above). I t certainly had a reference wider than anything we should call a fungus today, for it couldinclude mineral excrescencesrecallingthe shape of mushrooms, all kinds of cryptogams, and doubtless some fictitious plants.

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