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By Richard L. Doty

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Mammalian pheromones, audiomones, visuomones, and snarks -- Richard Doty argues that all of them belong within the similar classification: gadgets of imagination.

For greater than 50 years, researchers -- together with many favorite scientists -- have pointed out pheromones because the triggers for quite a lot of mammalian behaviors and endocrine responses. during this provocative publication, well known olfaction specialist Richard L. Doty rejects this concept and states bluntly that, not like bugs, mammals wouldn't have pheromones.

Doty systematically debunks the claims and conclusions of reviews that purport to bare the life of mammalian pheromones. He demonstrates that there's no normally accredited medical definition of what constitutes a mammalian pheromone and that makes an attempt to divide stimuli and intricate behaviors into pheromonal and nonpheromonal different types have essentially failed. Doty's debatable statement belies a persevered fascination with the pheromone thought, a number of claims of its chemical isolation, and what he sees because the wasted expenditure of 1000s of thousands of greenbacks via and government.

The nice Pheromone delusion at once demanding situations rules in regards to the position chemical substances play in mammalian habit and reproductive tactics. it's a must-have reference for biologists, psychologists, neuroscientists, and readers attracted to animal habit, ecology, and evolution.

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1996), has resulted in a renaissance in research on olfaction and to the surprising and occasionally controversial suggestion that the rodent olfactory system could serve as a model for neurobiological studies of cognition (Reid and Morris, 1993; Slotnick, 1994). (p. 216) An inherent problem with the pheromone concept when applied to mammals is that, by implication and definition, it obfuscates or excludes from consideration the possibility that cognitive processes are involved in the mediation of chemically induced behavioral and endocrine responses.

3 In an introduction to a bibliography on mammalian pheromones, Whitten and Champlin (1972) provide a state-of-the-art description of what pheromones were believed to be in the early 1970s and add the observation that chemicals that are truly pheromones are most likely found in only one sex. They also suggest that some chemicals are “copheromones” and replace the term releaser pheromone with behavioral pheromone. [Pheromones are] substances, produced by one member of a species, which influence other members of the same species.

As noted by Porter and Winberg (1999), “The role of maternal olfactory signals in the mediation of early breast-feeding is functionally analogous to that of nipple-search pheromone as described in nonhuman mammals. To some extent, the chemical profile of breast secretions overlaps with that of amniotic fluid. Therefore, early postnatal attraction to odors associated with the nipple/areola may reflect prenatal exposure and famil- 38 T H E G R E AT P H E R O M O N E M Y T H iarization” (p. 439). , 1995), as well as affect the flavor of the mother’s milk.

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