New PDF release: The Final Theory: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy

By Mark McCutcheon

ISBN-10: 1581126018

ISBN-13: 9781581126013

The ultimate concept indicates how one uncomplicated precept in nature ultimately explains all of those mysteries and extra. take pleasure in studying easy reasons for the main difficult difficulties in physics this day - with no need to be a technological know-how student. This easy-to-read publication provides a wealth of solutions to the various mysteries and complexities of modern day technology, whereas additionally tackling such additional questions as: What truly is gravity and the way does it paintings? Do all gadgets really fall on the related price? Is anti-gravity attainable? Does the gravity of the moon carry unforeseen surprises? Is the rate of sunshine really a restrict, or is warp-speed a truth? Is faster-than-light conversation attainable? Is gentle really a wave-particle entity, or is it anything else totally? What does Einstein's E = mc2 equation really suggest?

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A fourth purely geometric orbit equation of great importance is easily identifiable in the astronomical data available at the time, yet no formal record of this Geometric Orbit Equation exists. ● Newton’s gravitational force equation can be easily arrived at by equating the Geometric Orbit Equation to the equation for a rock swung by a string, thereby inventing Newton’s force by making the same rock-and-string assumption made by Newton. ● This assumed equality between swinging rocks and orbiting planets is seriously flawed, leading to the unexplainable mysteries and violations still present in Newtonian gravitational theory today.

And in fact, as was also shown, Newton’s model is not even strictly necessary, as everything from falling apples to orbiting moons can be dealt with equally well with purely geometric equations. This model is part of our scientific legacy from centuries past, and as such, it sits largely unquestioned in our science today despite the fact that it clearly is not a scientifically viable theory. We have tried applying logical patches, such as the misapplied Work Function, and even invented entirely new theories, such as General Relativity Theory – but to no avail.

Newton's universe of an attracting gravitational force emanating from every body in the heavens according to their mass is merely an arbitrary overlay atop a universe that proceeds according to predictable geometric patterns, whether we use Newton's gravitational overlay or not. Here on Earth we experience a weight effect and a downward acceleration effect upon objects, both of which have been instinctively recognized and exploited by every living being on the planet since time immemorial. Whether we explain these effects in terms of a gravitational force emanating from within our planet or not, they remain just as they Encountering The New Principle 55 are and have always been.

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