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Pericarditis Inflammation of the bag (pericardium) that encloses the heart. Too much fluid may be produced in the pericardial space, so that the heart is compressed and unable to fill properly. The two layers of the pericardium become stuck together, restricting the heart’s movement. Pulmonary atresia A complete blockage between the heart and the main pulmonary artery. Stokes-Adams syndrome A sudden attack of unconsciousness accompanying heart block. Tachycardia A fast heart rate—above 100 beats a minute.

Heart attacks cause severe pain and other symptoms such as sweating, nausea, or shortness of breath. Cross sections through heart valves Normal valve ● ● Normal blood flow Slim cusps Narrowed valve ● ● Enlarged cusps Restricted blood flow SECTION 2: HEART 49 Smoking Medical research has proved that smoking constitutes a grave health risk, with more and more diseases proving to be associated with, or aggravated by, smoking. Women who smoke while pregnant can cause damage to their babies. If a smoker continues to smoke after a heart attack, this doubles their risk of having another heart attack within one year.

Endocarditis Inflammation of the endocardium (inner heart lining) often resulting from infection by bacteria. Epicarditis Inflammation of the epicardium (outer lining of the heart). Fibrillation Rapid, irregular contractions of the heart. Heart block Electrical impulses in the heart are blocked at points in the conduction system. Heart failure The heart pumps less blood than the body needs and so is not capable of supplying the oxygen demands of the tissues. Results in congestion of blood and lack of nutrition to tissues.

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