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By I. M. Turner

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With particular details on hand for probably just a couple of hundred of the various thousand of species that take place, our present wisdom of the ecology of tropical rainforest timber is proscribed. This ebook goals to summarize the modern figuring out of the ecology of tropical rainforest timber. The emphasis is on comparative ecology, an method which may support to spot attainable adaptive developments and evolutionary constraints and which can additionally bring about a doable ecological category for tree species, conceptually simplifying the rainforest neighborhood and making it extra amenable to research.

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1 MPa) is needed to overcome gravity for each 10 m increment in height, and an equivalent amount is probably required to counter the internal resistance to flow of the conduits. Measurements made with the Scholander pressure bomb were seen as a vindication of the cohesion–tension theory. The gas pressure applied in the bomb to express sap from the test shoot was assumed to equal the xylem tension, and the values measured generally fell within the range predicted by the cohesion–tension theory. However, the pressure bomb does not measure xylem tension directly.

These studies provide support to the findings of Whitmore & Silva (1990) that South American, particularly Amazonian, timbers tend to be denser, or at least show a greater spread of densities with more very heavy woods present, than those of other tropical regions. Wood density has some affinities with taxonomy. The Bombacaceae are notable for very light timber, particularly in genera such as Cavanillesia, Ceiba and Ochroma. Other low-density woods are found in genera such as Cecropia, Musanga, Ficus and Sterculia.

Firstly, such studies have generally assumed uniform wood 44 2 The growing tree properties with tree size but this may not be the case, particularly in species with low-density wood (see above). Indeed, Claussen & Maycock (1995) found that soft-wooded, fast-growing species followed a different allometric trajectory from more shade-tolerant hardwoods. The first group had larger diameters than the hardwoods as saplings of the same height, but generally narrower stems as taller trees. The narrower safety margin of the fast-growers may be a risk-taking strategy to increase investment in reproduction in large individuals.

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