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Is. is- R R Hence, it follows that: c=~p Suppose that we have a string stretched along the x-axis from x = 0 to x = I which is set in motion by some mechanism. Such a motion will be a standing wave as described in Chapter 3. 2). 2 Transverse vibration of a stretched string at a fixed time. These conditions are called boundary conditions. In the following exercises, we set up an equation from which we can determine (x). 3. Each point of the string is vibrating in SHM with angular frequency w.

However, if the other end is fixed, the pulse will be reflected upside-down, which means that the reflected wave differs in phase by 1800 from the incident wave. 3. The reason for the change of phase is as follows. When the pulse arrives at the fixed end, it exerts a force on the rigid support. By Newton's third law, the support exerts an equal and opposite force on the string, and this reaction generates a pulse which travels back along the string with its profile reversed. 3 SUPERPOSITION It is an experimental observation that, for many different kinds of wave, two or more waves may propagate independently in the same medium.

One way in which we may approximate this string is as a sequence of identical masses equally distributed along the string. The sum of the identical masses must be the total mass of the string, and the more masses we introduce the better the approximation. g. 1S. 19. :--; ... 19 A lumped parameter approximation, with 12 masses, to a uniform continuous string. 20. 20 First three normal modes for the 12-lumped mass approximation for the transverse vibrations of a string. Thus, we have approximations to the first three normal mode angular frequencies for the transverse vibrations of a string.

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