Teleportation: the impossible leap by David J Darling PDF

By David J Darling

ISBN-10: 0471470953

ISBN-13: 9780471470953

An authoritative, unique exam of the final word thrill rideUntil lately the stuff of sci-fi fiction and superstar Trek reruns, teleportation has turn into a reality-for subatomic debris at the very least. during this eye-opening publication, technology writer David Darling follows the extraordinary evolution of teleportation, traveling the major labs that experience cradled this state of the art technological know-how and pertaining to the all-too-human tales at the back of its beginning. He ties within the quick rising fields of cryptography and quantum computing, tackles a few thorny philosophical questions (for example, can a soul be teleported?), and asks whilst and the way people are able to "beam up."

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Flushed into the open, compelled in midflight to reveal its whereabouts, the photon abruptly abandons its wavelike behavior and acts purely and simply like a miniature bullet bound on a straight-line trajectory. Somehow the existence of the interference pattern is tied to a lack of knowledge as to which slit the photon actually went through. If we don’t ask where the photon is, it behaves like a wave; if we insist upon knowing, it behaves like a particle. In classical physics such a situation would be unthinkable, outrageous.

Any energy left over from the exchange, above and beyond the work function, appears as kinetic energy (energy of motion) of the ejected electron. Increasing the intensity of radiation—the number of light 42 LIGHT READINGS quanta per unit area—has no effect on the energy of individual electrons because each electron is thrown out by one and only one parcel of light. Increasing the frequency of radiation, on the other hand, means that each light bullet packs a bigger wallop, which results in a more energetic photoelectron.

In Britain, he had the support of only a small circle of young scientists. Nine years after Maxwell’s death, however, the truth and power of his equations was borne out. The German physicist Heinrich Hertz found notes at the low (long wavelength) end of the electromagnetic keyboard in the form of radio waves, which he produced by making sparks fly back and forth between two brass electrodes. In 1895 another German, Wilhelm Röntgen, discovered what turned out to be radiation from the short wavelength end of the spectrum—X-rays.

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Teleportation: the impossible leap by David J Darling

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