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Smoking can be most harmful to ufferer of CF and 0 you must con tantly be on the alert for evidence that the chi ld is experimenting with smoking. Use the re ourccs of all concemcd to explain the danger and ri k involved to thc child. Finally. you havc to help the child leam to live with hi incurable disability and to being different from his peers. Not only must he accept his limitations but also realise his particular abilities and talents. By ensuring that the child with CF develops sound self-confidence and good self-esteem you can make his disability less disabling in later life.

A .. e/ln' ReferellCC' B()oJ;. Harpcr and Ro\\!. 19R5 Thl~ U'C<':I quc .. linn-;lnd-an~wcr tcchoiquc fOT quid; and ca~} rcfercncc Bcrnon. R G .. \". 'rvicc~ LId. pla lnmg cpilcp~} 10 I BL. Givc~ a ynung chi ld : lOb of piClurcs. Ann Hackncy Macmillan Education Lid 1985 Publishcd by Macmilhtn Educalion Lid. London and Basingslokc 12 HAEMOPHILIA AND AIDS 9 Teacher Information ~==PACK ==-:;::/ HAEMOPHlllA AND AIDS HAEMOPHILIA Chi ldren with haemophilia tend to bleed easily because of a defect in the blood cloning mechanism.

The damaged area seems to act as a trigger. That is why many mentally handicapped children have epilepsy as well as mental retardation if their brains have suffered so me sort of trauma before, at or shortly after birth . There are also illne e which affect the brain - like meningitis or encephalitis - which may leave scarred tissue wh ich has a similar effect. Brain tumours and head injuries mayaIso lead to epilepsy. But, de pite the number of known causes, many childhood epilepsies remain unexplailled.

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