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2. Time delay systems Throughout this chapter we use the following notation. and denote real (complex) + vector space or the set of real (complex) numbers, T denotes the set of all non-negative integers, λ * means conjugate of λ ∈ and F∗ conjugate transpose of matrix F ∈ n × n . Re(s) is the real part of s ∈ . The superscript T denotes transposition. For real matrix F the notation F > 0 means that the matrix F is positive definite. λ i ( F ) is the eigenvalue of matrix F . Spectrum of matrix F is denoted with σ ( F ) and spectral radius with ρ ( F ) .

Proof. 1. 1 If system (36) is asymptotically stable, then matrices R 1 and by SME (37)-(38) and (47)-(48), respectively, are stable ( Re λ (R i ) < 0 , 1 ≤ i ≤ 2 ). 2 R 2 , defined 43 Asymptotic Stability Analysis of Linear Time-Delay Systems: Delay Dependent Approach Proof. If system (36) is asymptotically stable, then ∀s ∈ Σ , Re s < 0 . e. matrices R 1 and R 2 are stable. R 1 ( R 2 ) is referred to as solvent of SME (37)-(38) or (47)-(48). 2 Each root λ m of the characteristic equation (44) of the system (36) which satisfies the following condition: Re λm = max Re s, s ∈ Σ will be referred to as maximal root (eigenvalue) of system (36).

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