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By Helmer Aslaksen, Eng-Chye Tan, Chen-bo Zhu (auth.), Bruno Gruber (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9781461357834

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Invariant conception of Matrices; H. Aslaksen, et al. Symmetries of easy debris Revisited; A.O. Barut. Perturbative SU(1,1); H.Beker. A twin constitution for the Quantal Rotation staff, SU(2); L.C.Biedenharn, M.A. Lohe. a few issues within the Quantization of Relativistic Grassmann based interplay structures; A. Del Sol Mesa, R.P.Martinez y Romero. q-Difference Intertwining Operators for Uq(sI(4)) and q-Conformal Invariant Equations; V.K. Dobrev. A Quantum Mechanical Evolution Equation for combined States from Symmetry and Kinematics; H.D.Doebner, J.D. Hennig. Quantum Mechanical Motions over the gang Manifolds and similar Potentials; I.H. Duru. Quantum Violation of vulnerable Equivalence crucial within the Brans-Dicke thought; Y. Fujii. Quantum Unitary and Pseudounitary teams and Generalized Hadron Mass family; A.M. Gavrilik. Linear Coxeter teams; J. Getino. Diffeomorphism teams, Quasiinvariant Measures, and endless Quantum platforms; G.A. Goldin, U. Moschella. Algebraic Shells and the Interacting Boson version of the Nucleus; B. Gruber. fresh advancements within the software of Vector Coherent States; K.T. Hecht. Algebraic conception of the Threebody challenge; F. Iachello. 18 extra articles. Index.

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It is very useful for the further development of this idea to have an explicit realization of the corresponding (6 - j) operators as linear operators on a well-defined set of vector spaces which carry irreps of the dual algebra. That such a realization exists [4] is in itself rather surprising. Consider the unitary group U(3). Then the complete set of (integral) unitary irreps can be labelled by the Young frames denoted by [m] == [m13m23m33], where the mi3 are (positive, negative or zero) integers such that m13 ~ m23 ~ m33.

We will denote the coupling effected by the (6-j) operators by the symbol D. 3). 9), identify the coupling 0 by (6-j) coefficients to be the analog-for the dual Hopf algebra-of the coupling x by the wee coefficients for the SU(2) Hopf algebra. It follows that we can determine both the algebra and the co-algebra structure of the dual Hopf algebra from the (6- j) coupling coefficients. 3 The Dual Algebra We have stated (in Section 2) that the coupling law for the group (the WCG coefficients) determines the Lie algebra structure.

2 These operators are of two types - differential and integral. For the canonical construction of the integral invariant operators (which we shall not consider) we refer to [2]. As stated we are interested in the invariant differential operators. , [1], however, most of these rely on constructions which are not yet available for quantum groups. Here we shall apply a procedure [5] which is rather algebraic and can be generalized almost straightforwardly to quantum groups. 3. 2. Here we shall sketch the procedure of [5] illustrating the general notions with the conformal group SU(2,2).

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