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By White M., Gribbin J.

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Distribution, posting, or copying is strictly prohibited without written permission of the NAP. Generated for on Sat Nov 29 17:02:42 2003 Classical Cosmology 25 into the laws of physics, that a collection of atoms known as Isaac Newton would write a book known as the Principia that would be published in 1687? And if the Universe can be likened to a cosmic clockwork machine, who wound up the clockwork and set it going? Even within the established framework of religious belief in seventeenth-century Europe, these were disturbing questions, since although it might seem reasonable to say that the clockwork could have been wound up and set in motion by God, the traditional Christian view sees human beings as having free will, so that they can choose to follow the teachings of Christ or not, as they wish.

Distribution, posting, or copying is strictly prohibited without written permission of the NAP. Generated for on Sat Nov 29 17:02:42 2003 42 STEPHEN HAWKING to take Stephen to meet his prospective tutor at University College, Dr. Robert Berman. As Berman himself recalls, the sort of pressure Hawking senior was applying would usually have put him off the candidate immediately. However, Stephen sat for the exam and did so extraordinarily well that Berman and University College soon warmed to him.

Generated for on Sat Nov 29 17:02:42 2003 Classical Cosmology 31 time at will. Yet the great universal constant, c, is a speed, and speed is a measure that relates space and time. Speeds are always in the form of miles per hour, or centimeters per second, or any other unit of length per unit of time. You cannot have one without the other when you are talking about speed. So the fact that the fundamental constant is a velocity must be telling us something significant about the Universe. But what?

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