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By Kusakabe, Satoshi; Sekine, Tatsuya

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Solvent extraction is hired very greatly in either primary learn and know-how as a result of the notable beneficial properties of this easy yet very potent approach for the separation of other fabrics. The overseas Solvent Extraction convention 1990 used to be a discussion board for the presentation of papers on updated study during this box. the gathering of the papers in those volumes might be worthy simply because info on solvent extraction is usually scattered in a number of journals and complaints which make the subsequent of advancements tricky

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Which shows that increasing copper (II) concentration increased the extraction of silver. 4 DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS The results of this study show that silver is well extracted by Cyanex 471X from chloride solutions as an AgCl disolvate but that the degree of extraction decreases with increasing chloride concentration. As Cu(l) is more strongly extracted than Ag I, then Cyanex 471X is of less interest as a silver extractant for cuprous chloride hydrometallurgy circuits. However selective silver removal from cupric leach liquors as produced in the CUPREX Metal Extraction Process (Dalton et al 1987) is quite possible and no interference need be anticipated from zinc or lead.

Analysis of numerous samples taken throughout the trials showed the copper to be of cathode quality with very low levels of contaminants. A typical analysis of impurities in copper produced from a chalcopyrite concentrate from the South West USA is given below. d. indicates not detected. 5 nd No problems were encountered in the depletion and regeneration stages and excess iron was successfully removed from the extraction raffinate as a filterable goethite precipitate. SUMMARY In summary the pilot trial demonstrated the mutual compatibility of the four main sections of the CUPREX Metal Extraction Process: extraction, electrowinning and leachant regeneration.

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