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By Mark E. Davis and Steven L. Suib (Eds.)

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content material: Selectivity in catalysis : an summary / Steven L. Suib --
Stereoselectivity : the last word problem in catalysis / D. Forster --
uneven catalytic hydrogenation of 2-arylacrylic acids as a inexpensive path to pharmaceutical items / A.S.C. Chan, S.A. Laneman, and R.E. Miller --
Chiral rhodium(II) carboxamides : remarkably potent catalysts for enantioselective steel carbene changes / Michael P. Doyle --
Discrete chiral rhodium phosphine complexes as catalysts for uneven hydrosilation of ketones / T.E. Waldman, G. Schaefer, and D.P. Riley --
Catalytic uneven heck response / Fumiyuki Ozawa, Akihiko Kubo, and Tamio Hayashi --
Clusters, alloys, and poisoning : an outline / Kenneth J. Klabunde and Yong-Xi Li --
Platinum-tin-alumina catalysts : comparability of alkane dehydrocyclization task and characterization information / Burtron H. Davis --
Alkyne coordination, dimerization, and scission on a tungsten-triiridium cluster center : response modeling experiences on the topic of cluster-derived butane hydrogenolysis catalysts / John R. Shapley, Mark G. Humphrey, and Colin H. McAteer --
Platinum-tin and gold-tin bimetallic debris ready from solvated steel atoms : constitution and catalysis / Yi Wang, Yong-Xi Li, and Kenneth J. Klabunde --
Mechanism and selectivity in catalytic olefin polymerization / A.R. Siedle, W.M. Lamanna, J.M. Olofson, B.A. Nerad, and R.A. Newmark --
impact of a version hydrogenation on a catalytic palladium membrane / Henry C. Foley, A.W. Wang, B. Johnson, and J.N. Armor --
Vanadium migration among version parts of fluid cracking catalysts : SEM-EDX reports / Yan-Fei Shen, Steven L. Suib, and Mario L. Occelli --
Shape-selective catalysis with zeolites and molecular sieves / Charles B. Khouw and Mark E. Davis --
Reactions of meta-diisopropylbenzene on acid molecular sieves / Man-Hoe Kim, Cong-Yan Chen, and Mark E. Davis --
Methyl tert-butyl ether and ethyl tert-butyl ether : synthesis over triflic acid changed Y-zeolite / R. Le Vanmao, H. Ahlafi, and T.S. Le --
layout of layered phosphate hosts containing multiply bonded bimetallic visitor species / Yeung-gyo okay. Shin, Eric A. Saari, Mark R. Torgerson, and Daniel G. Nocera --
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of anisotropic solid-state chemical reactions / Leslie G. Butler, David G. Cory, Joel B. Miller, Kerry M. Dooley, and Allen N. Garroway --
Homogeneous adsorption of benzene on NaX and NaY zeolites / Shang-Bin Liu, Jin-Fu Wu, Long-Ja Ma, May-Whei Lin, and Tun-Li Chen --
response pathway research : international molecular and mechanistic views / Michael T. Klein, Matthew Neurock, Linda Broadbelt, and Henry C. Foley --
practise, characterization, and catalysis of a changed ZSM-5 zeolite / Anne M. Gaffney, C.A. Jones, John A. Sofranko, Chihji Tsiao, and Cecil Dybowski --
influence of catalyst training at the aromatization of n-hexane over Pt clusters supported on hydrotalcite / R.J. Davis and E. Mielczarski --
Reactions of ethylene over RuY zeolite / Y.S. Kye, S.X. Wu, and Tom M. Apple --
Activation of C-H, C-C, and C-O bonds of oxygenates on Rh(111) / N.F. Brown and M.A. Barteau --
non-stop catalytic conversion of acetylene to raised hydrocarbons over a steel changed form selective zeolite catalyst / Yigong He, Benjamin W.-L. Jang, and Richard B. Timmons --
Characterization of RuCl₃-impregnated NaY zeolite / Cathy L. Tway, Salvatore J. Bonafede, A. Mohamad Ghazi, Christopher P. Reed, Robert J. DeAngelis, and Tom M. Apple --
Non-Flory product distributions in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalyzed via ruthenium, cobalt, and iron / Rostam J. Madon, Enrique Iglesia, and Sebastian C. Reyes.

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