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By Neil Schlager

ISBN-10: 0787656313

ISBN-13: 9780787656317

This 4-vol. set illustrates the significance of clinical and mathematical ideas via their use in daily life. every one quantity makes a speciality of a particular medical self-discipline -- biology, chemistry, earth sciences and physics -- providing scholars an in-depth knowing of every self-discipline and its theories. making a experience of real-life relevance for college kids, the technological know-how of daily issues expands at the motives of medical ideas and ideas utilizing a simple, step by step procedure, and provides theories of their daily purposes. many of the entries coated comprise: how osmosis is utilized in dehydrating fruit; how the rules of aerodynamics are utilized to autos; Charles' legislations and the chemical response that units off an airbag; how algorithms are used to determine the NCAA playoff tournaments; and extra. every one quantity the technology of daily issues offers nearly 40-50 entries and contains pictures, diagrams, sidebars containing brief glossaries and fascinating proof and info when it comes to each one precept.

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