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By Paul Sandin

Textual content bargains a one-stop resource for every thing wanted for the mechanical layout of state of the art cellular robots. For hobbyists and execs. Illustrated. Softcover.

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This discussion of motion control is limited to electric-powered systems. Motion Control Classification Motion control systems can be classified as open-loop or closed-loop. An open-loop system does not require that measurements of any output variables be made to produce error-correcting signals; by contrast, a closed-loop system requires one or more feedback sensors that measure and respond to errors in output variables. Closed-Loop System A closed-loop motion control system, as shown in block diagram Figure 1-3, has one or more feedback loops that continuously compare the system’s response with input commands or settings to correct errors in motor and/or load speed, load position, or motor torque.

Fier in a silicon chip. This IC is capable of sensing the polarity of the rotor’s magnetic field and then sending appropriate signals to power transistors T1 and T2 to cause the motor’s rotor to rotate continuously. This is accomplished as follows: 1. With the rotor motionless, the HED detects the rotor’s north magnetic pole, causing it to generate a signal that turns on transistor T2. This causes current to flow, energizing winding W2 to form a southseeking electromagnetic rotor pole. This pole then attracts the rotor’s north pole to drive the rotor in a counterclockwise (CCW) direction.

As the rotor turns, current is applied sequentially to the appropriate armature windings by a mechanical commutator consisting of two or more brushes sliding on a ring of insulated copper segments. These motors are quite mature, and modern versions can provide very high performance for very low cost. There are variations of the brush-type DC servomotor with its ironcore rotor that permit more rapid acceleration and deceleration because of their low-inertia, lightweight cup- or disk-type armatures.

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