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For example, plots relate a variety of measures of ventricular filling such as right atrial pressure (RAP) or EDP to a variety of measures of ejection referred to in some cases as “ventricular performance” usually pressure/volume work. The relation between the volume/pressure curves shown in previous figures and the generation of a relation between EDV and SV is illustrated in Figure 12. The three beats shown at different pre-loads in Figure 12 occurred with no change in contractility (same vol-ESP curve) or afterload.

This exercise will emphasize and clarify the integration of pre-load, after load and contractility in homeostasis of blood flow. 31 Heart Failure as a Failure of Contractility The term heart failure describes a complex set of signs and symptoms reflecting a failure in many cases of a number physiological systems, including the heart, kidney, and blood vessels. Primary disorders of the heart related to a reduction in coronary flow and elevated afterload (hypertension) are common stresses leading a change in cardiac function.

Major control mechanism came into play to match the CO to the VR economically. e. an increase in contractility. At the same time the adrenergic activation may have transiently increased resistance, and therefore afterload, to redistribute flow from the gut and kidneys to skeletal muscles. Thus steady states points describing the EDV-SV relation switch to a different curve dictated by the elevated contractility and afterload. A useful exercise is to pick a point on the control curve in Figure 13 and predict where this point moves during the time course of the changes shown in Figure 2.

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