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The speculation of basic Relativity, after its invention via Albert Einstein, remained for a few years a monument of mathemati­ cal hypothesis, awesome in its ambition and its formal good looks, yet particularly separated from the most flow of contemporary Physics, which had founded, after the early twenties, on quantum mechanics and its functions. within the final ten or fifteen years, notwithstanding, the location has replaced significantly. First, loads of major exper~en­ tal info turned on hand. Then very important contributions have been made to the incorporation of basic relativity into the framework of quantum idea. eventually, within the final 3 years, fascinating devel­ opments happened that have positioned normal relativity, and the entire suggestions at the back of it, on the middle of our realizing of par­ ticle physics and quantum box idea. first of all, this can be considering that common relativity is absolutely the "original non-abe­ lian gauge theory," and that our description of quantum box in­ teractions makes vast use of the idea that of gauge invariance. Secondly, the guidelines of supersymmetry have enabled theoreticians to mix gravity with different undemanding particle interactions, and to build what's maybe the 1st method of a extra finite quantum thought of gravitation, that is often called tremendous­ gravity.

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The geodesics satisfy second order differential equations on V, the Euler equations of the lagrangian (2-1). These equations can be written as a first order system on the tangent space to V, TV=UT V: dx dt = v dv - = - f(v v) dt ' x~Vx with, by a classical computation, in local coordinates f(v,v) k f .. ~J Note (3) that (v, - f(v,v» is a vectoe field on TV (called the spray of the metric g, or geodesic spray) but that f(v,v) is not a vector field on V, f = (ffj) is not a tensor field on V. A geodesic y is also called an "autoparallel" curve, its tangent vector is said to be "parallel transported" along y • 3 Riemannian Connexion If we want to compare tangent vectors to V at different points we must have a definition of parallel transport along an arbitrary curve.

We denote by Yt the positive definite riemannian metric induced on St by the space time metric g. ) dt 2 ~ + 2 B. ~ . dx~ dt + y .. , y .. =g .. , 1-'. ~ o~ ~J ~J Qi I-' Y ij 8. J Besides the metric y we introduce the "extrinsic curvature" or "second fundamental fofm" Kt of St' which describes the infinitesimal change of the metric Yt with t. This symmetric 2-tensor, which depends only on the family of submanifolds St (and not on the choice of the time like lines) is equal to - -t~: when the time like lines are the geodesics of g normal to the S's.

DeWitt-Morette and M. Dillard-Bleick "Analysis, Manifolds and Physics" North-Holland 1977. UNDERLYING MATHEMATICAL STRUCTURES OF CLASSICAL GRAVITATION THEORY Brandon Carter Groupe d'Astrophysique Relativiste Observatoire de Paris, 92190 MEUDON (France) Introduction If I had been asked five years or so ago to prepare a course on recent developments in classical gravitation theory, I would not have hesitated in choosing the classical theory of black holes as a central topic of discussion. However the most important developments in gravitation theory during the last three or four years have not been in the classical domain at all but rather in the problems of quantisation of -or in- curved space-time.

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