Programming the PIC Microcontroller with MBASIC - download pdf or read online

By Jack Smith

ISBN-10: 0750679468

ISBN-13: 9780750679466

The Microchip PIC family members of microcontrollers is the preferred sequence of microcontrollers on this planet. besides the fact that, no microcontroller is of any use with no software program to make it practice worthy capabilities. This entire reference makes a speciality of designing with Microchips mid-range PIC line utilizing MBASIC, a robust yet effortless to profit programming language. It illustrates MBASICs skills via a sequence of layout examples, starting with basic PIC-based initiatives and continuing via extra complicated designs.
Unlike different references even though, it additionally covers crucial and software program layout basics of the PIC microcontroller sequence, together with programming in meeting language while had to complement the features of MBASIC. info of hardware/software interfacing to the PIC also are supplied.

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VOD฀is฀ maximum฀safe฀voltage฀that฀may฀be฀applied฀to฀RA4. ฀Should฀these฀voltages฀ be฀significantly฀exceeded,฀the฀protective฀diodes฀shown฀in฀Figure฀3-2฀will฀start฀to฀conduct,฀potentially฀causing฀the฀pin฀or฀chip฀maximum฀current฀limit฀to฀be฀exceeded,฀unless฀otherwise฀current฀limited. ฀It฀is,฀with฀negligible฀error,฀ the฀sum฀of฀all฀pin฀sourcing฀currents. ฀It฀is,฀with฀negligible฀error,฀the฀sum฀of฀all฀pin฀sinking฀ currents. Output฀clamp฀current฀(Vf฀<0฀or฀Vf>VDD)—If฀a฀pin฀is฀taken฀above฀VDD฀or฀below฀ground,฀it฀must฀be฀current฀ limited,฀commonly฀with฀a฀series฀resistor,฀so฀that฀the฀output฀clamp฀current฀is฀not฀exceeded.

When฀the฀output฀is฀high,฀the฀pin฀appears฀to฀be฀the฀VDD฀source฀connected฀through฀resistor฀of฀about฀85฀ ohms,฀as฀long฀as฀the฀sourced฀current฀doesn’t฀exceed฀15฀mA฀or฀so. 28 The฀Basics฀–฀Output Vdd Simplified PIC Output Figure฀3-2:฀Simplified฀ output฀pin. ฀Unlike฀all฀other฀pins฀that฀cannot฀exceed฀VDD,฀RA4’s฀ open฀drain฀is฀rated฀to฀12฀volts. ฀The฀following฀maximum฀safe฀parameters฀apply฀to฀the฀ simple฀resistors. ฀Exceeding฀these฀limits฀may฀ cause฀damage฀to฀the฀device,฀or฀reduce฀its฀reliability. ฀VOD฀is฀ maximum฀safe฀voltage฀that฀may฀be฀applied฀to฀RA4.

Writing฀Interactive฀Compilers฀and฀Interpreters,฀John฀Wiley฀&฀Sons,฀New฀York,฀NY฀(1979). ,฀Reading,฀ MA฀(1986). ฀DS41190C฀(2003). ฀DS30292C฀(2001). ฀In฀this฀chapter,฀we฀will฀review฀a฀few฀elementary฀electronics฀ principles฀and฀learn฀how฀to฀use฀them฀to฀allow฀PICs฀to฀control฀external฀devices. This฀chapter฀deals฀with฀the฀electronic฀characteristics฀of฀PIC฀pins฀as฀output฀devices. ฀ Careful฀advance฀study฀of฀data฀sheets฀and฀any฀associated฀application฀notes฀will฀reduce฀the฀time฀spent฀designing฀and฀debugging฀your฀designs.

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