Fausto Gallucci, Martin van Sint Annaland's Process Intensification for Sustainable Energy Conversion PDF

By Fausto Gallucci, Martin van Sint Annaland

ISBN-10: 1118449355

ISBN-13: 9781118449356

This ebook addresses the appliance of procedure intensification to sustainable strength construction, combining very topical topic components. because of the expanding technique of petroleum, sustainable strength creation applied sciences needs to be built, for instance bioenergy, blue power, chemical looping combustion, suggestions for CO2 trap and so on. approach intensification bargains major aggressive merits, since it presents extra effective approaches, resulting in impressive fee relief, elevated productiveness and extra environment-friendly methods.

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6. 4 Simulation Results The outcomes of the sharp front approach are presented in this section and are compared to the simulation results of the advanced numerical model. 7 shows axial temperature and mass profiles, which are formed after 400 seconds, when feeding a binary N2 /CO2 mixture at an inlet temperature of 150 ∘ C. 5. It can be observed that the front positions, equilibrium temperature and the amount of mass deposited per unit of bed volume match very well between the two approaches. Although heat and mass dispersion is included in the advanced model, the fronts are reasonably sharp during the capture step.

5, respectively. A stainless steel monolithic structure is chosen as packing material, because axial dispersion and pressure drop are minimal for this type of packing material while the volumetric heat capacity is relatively high. 5a and d, respectively. 0 At the chosen initial bed temperature of −140 ∘ C, more than 99% of CO2 is recovered. After 600 seconds, the CO2 desublimation front reaches the end of the bed and the capture cycle should be stopped. The conditions at 600 seconds are used as initial conditions for the simulation of the recovery step.

After this relatively hot zone of 20 ∘ C has moved through the bed, the temperature at the outlet of the bed decreases, until the set point is reached (−130 ∘ C). 20a shows the pressure at the outlet of one bed, again zoomed in for one process cycle with the three steps. During the capture step, the bed is at atmospheric pressure. As soon as the bed is switched to the recovery step, the pressure suddenly drops to a low value. As explained earlier, this is related to the gaseous CO2 present in the piping of the recovery step, which is depositing on the packing surface.

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