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"New physics" is an beautiful new key-phrase, no longer but devalued by way of the ravages of inflation. yet what has this to do with such an unpleasant box as plasma physics, steeped in classical physics, regularly outworn, with all its unsolved and ambiguous technological difficulties and its messy and open ended numerical reviews? "New physics" is anxious with quarks, Higgs debris, grand unified idea, large­ strings, gravitational waves, and the profound fundamentals of cosmology and black holes. it's the box of spectacular quantum results, verified by way of the von Klitzing influence and excessive­ temperature superconductors. yet what can plasma physicists supply, after such a lot of years of high-priced and problematic study to unravel the matter of fusion power? One could recommend that the interesting study ofchaos with functions to plasma, or the achievements of statistical mechanics utilized to plasmas, has whatever to supply and will be the topic of recognition. notwithstanding, this isn't the purpose of this booklet. Complementing the normal target of physics, that is to interpret the phenomena of nature via generalizing legislation such that individual predictions approximately new homes and results will be drawn, this e-book demonstrates how new physics has been derived during the last 30 years from the country of topic which exists at excessive temperatures (plasma).

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