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By Michael Levy, John Rafferty, William L. Hosch

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The asci are sac-shaped cells that contain spores called ascospores. In general, they grow in groups of eight and are light enough to be scattered into the air. Release Within the enclosing structures a stroma, or compact somatic body, is formed. Inside it reproductive growths develop, which contain a large number of perithecia. Insecticide Ergotism Ergotism, or St. Anthony's Fire, is a condition caused by eating products such as rye bread that have been contaminated with alkaloids produced by Claviceps purpurea fungi, or ergot.

GENES The genes that have the desired characteristic are isolated. GOOD NEIGHBORS 25% Lime ORIGIN OF THE TOMATO BACTERIAL DNA The genes are inserted into a bacterial plasmid. TRANSPLANT provides the soil with nutrients. 5 kg) Harvesting DRY CLIMATES These climates are not appropriate for planting tomatoes that are not modified, but they can be used to grow modified crops. 5 pounds Winter 4 Traditional Cultivation Planting Planting 64-77° F COLLECTING TANK The water is collected, and its physical and chemical properties are analyzed.

Scientists are studying the possibility of using petroleum-digesting fungi to clean up oil spills and other chemical disasters. VOLVA The volva is made of the remains of the early rings that have fallen off. It differs from species to species. Fungi produce spores during sexual or asexual reproduction. Spores serve to transport the fungus to new places, and some help the fungus to survive adverse conditions. Strobilurus esculentus lives on the cones of various pine trees. HALLUCINOGENIC MUSHROOM Psilocybin aztecorum 86 FUNGI PLANTS, ALGAE, AND FUNGI 87 Poison in the Kingdom poisonous fungus is one that, when ingested, causes toxic effects.

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