Plant Genetic Resources of Legumes in the Mediterranean by Nigel Maxted, Sarita Jane Bennett PDF

By Nigel Maxted, Sarita Jane Bennett

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Genetic erosion, that's, the lack of local plant and genetic range has been exponential from the Mediterranean Basin throughout the 20th century. This careless eradication of species and genetic range due to human actions from a 'hot-spot' of variety threatens sustainable agriculture and nutrition safety for the temperate areas of the realm. because the early 1900s there was a mostly advert hoc move to halt the lack of plant variety and improve its utilisation. The conference on organic variety and nutrition and Agriculture agency of the United countries overseas project on Plant Genetic assets, either spotlight the necessity to enhance conservation methodologies and increase utilisation concepts. it's been argued that an important section of biodiversity is the genetic variety of crop and forage species used to feed people and cattle. those cultivated and similar wild species presents the uncooked fabric for extra choice and development.
Leguminosae species are of significant financial significance (peas, chickpeas, lentils and faba beans, in addition to a variety of forage species) and supply a very wealthy resource of protein for human and animal meals. Their distribution is focused within the Mediterranean sector and for this reason the development in their conservation and use within the quarter is necessary.
this article is designed to assist be sure an sufficient breadth of legume range is conserved and to assist maximise using that conserved range. the topics of conservation and use of legume range, the Mediterranean environment and taxonomy of legumes are brought. known stories of the taxonomy, centre of range, ecogeographic distribution, genetic range distribution, conservation prestige, conservation gaps and destiny learn wishes are supplied, in addition to a dialogue of the significance of rhizobia to the upkeep of legume range. present ex situ and in situ conservation actions besides present legume makes use of are reviewed. In end destiny priorities for ex situ and in situ plant genetic conservation and use of Mediterranean legumes are highlighted. All members glance ahead instead of easily reviewing previous and present actions and hence it truly is was hoping that the id of genetic erosion, situation of taxonomic and genetic variety and promoting of extra effective utilisation of conserved fabric may be enhanced.

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Reserves found m the Mediterranean region Note. Biosphere reserves are as follows : Algeria- El Kala (64), Tassili (65), Djurdjura (66); Bulgaria- Steneto (29), Alibotouche (30), Bistrichko Branichte (31 ), Boatione (32), Djendema (33), Doupkata (34), Doupki-Djindjiritza (35), Kamtchia (36), Koupena (37), Mantaritza (38), Maritchini ezera (39), Ouzounboudjak ( 40), Parangalitsa (41 ), Srebarna (42), Tchervenata stena (43), Tchouprene (44), Tsaritchina (45); Croatia- Velebit Mountain (24); Egypt - Omayed Experimental Research Area (59); France- Vallee du Fango (15), Cevennes (16), Luberon (17), Camargue (18); Greece- Gorge of Samaria (46), Olympos (47); Iran - Arasbaran (48), Arjan (49), Geno (50), Golestan (51), Hara (52), Kavir (53), Lake Oromeeh (54), Miankaleh (55), Touran (56); Israel- Mount Carmel (57); Italy- Collemeluccio-Montedimezzo (19), Circeo (20), Miramare (21), Cilento and Vallo di Diano (22), Somma-Vesuvio and Miglio d'Oro (23);JordanDana (58); Morocco - Arganeraie (67); Portugal- Paul do Boquilobo (1); Rumania- Danube Delta (26), Pietrosul Mare (27), Retezat (28); Spain - Cabo de Gata-Nijar (2), Cuenca Alta del Rio Manzanares (3), Donana (4), Grazalema (5), Mancha Humeda (6), Marisma del Odie1 (7), Men orca (8), Montseny (9), Ordesa-Vinamala ( 10), Sierra de las Nieves y su Entorno ( 11 ), Sierra Nevada (12), Sierras de Cazorla y Segura (13), Urdaibai (14), Tunisia- Bou-Hedma (60), Chambi (61), Ichkeul (62), Zembra and Zembretta (63); and Yugoslavia- Tara River Basin (25).

Total Sub-total 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 Total 293 1103 273 1098 103 2870 60 220 181 2006 340 2807 1278 1578 613 1941 464 5880 2705 1239 385 1889 33 6251 413 3019 748 2869 50 7099 814 4047 568 1807 228 7464 221 4392 514 2137 166 7430 5784 15604 3282 13747 1384 39801 228 313 21 96 398 89 500 56 74 778 10 769 145 74 39 701 854 987 15 101 3292 255 877 1645 93 353 1761 432 265 571 107 28 3310 715 569 184 143 385 483 569 3651 4345 509 1076 10723 1981 1056 3926 1507 4314 1728 7608 5504 ll755 5161 12260 4996 12460 2333 9763 22285 62086 Special attention has been given inLathyrus spp.

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