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By Shashi Menon

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This on-the-job source is full of all of the formulation, calculations, and useful counsel essential to easily flow gasoline or beverages via pipes, investigate the feasibility of enhancing present pipeline functionality, or layout new structures. Contents: Water structures Piping * hearth safeguard Piping structures * Steam structures Piping * construction companies Piping * Oil structures Piping * gasoline structures Piping * technique structures Piping * Cryogenic platforms Piping * Refrigeration platforms Piping * detrimental Piping structures * Slurry and Sludge platforms Piping * Wastewater and Stormwater Piping * Plumbing and Piping platforms * Ash dealing with Piping platforms * Compressed Air Piping platforms * Compressed Gases and Vacuum Piping structures * gas fuel Distribution Piping platforms

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Simplifying Eqs. 57) Using Eqs. 57), we can calculate the flow through each branch in terms of the inlet flow Q. The equivalent pipe will be designated as De in diameter and Le in length. 58) where Qe is the same as the inlet flow Q since both branches have been replaced with a single pipe. In Eq. 58), there are two unknowns Le and De . Another equation is needed to solve for both variables. For simplicity, we can set Le to be equal to one of the lengths L1 or L2 . 250-in wall thickness) starting at point A and terminating at point B.

29) 42 Chapter One The first item is simply the total frictional head loss in all straight pipe, fittings, valves, etc. The second item accounts for the pipeline elevation difference between the origin of the pipeline and the delivery terminus. If the origin of the pipeline is at a lower elevation than that of the pipeline terminus or delivery point, a certain amount of positive pressure is required to compensate for the elevation difference. On the other hand, if the delivery point were at a lower elevation than the beginning of the pipeline, gravity will assist the flow and the pressure required at the beginning of the pipeline will be reduced by this elevation difference.

39), the head loss in a straight piece of pipe is represented as a multiple of the velocity head V 2 /2g. Following a similar analysis, we can state that the pressure drop through a valve or fitting can also be represented by K(V 2 /2g), where the coefficient K is specific to the valve or fitting. Note that this method is only applicable to turbulent flow through pipe fittings and valves. No data are available for laminar flow in fittings and valves. 6. 20 30 16 16 27 28 Chapter One nominal pipe size of the valve or fitting.

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