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By R.S. Dow, Giuseppe Moruzzi

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The Russian physiologist was able to show that rigidity was still present eight hours after decerebration and decerebellation. Hence Weed's results were disproved and shown to be due to inadequacies in his technical procedure. Bremer (1922a) confirmed and extended Magnus and Beritoff's results by decerebrating cats which had been cerebellectomized some days before. A strong extensor rigidity ensued, ABLATION EXPERIMENTS 27 and no important differences were noticed when the animals had been hemicerebellectomized.

The influence of the position of the forelimbs on the supporting tonus of the hindlimbs iollowing cerebellectomy. If the trunk is moved in a caudal direction, the supporting tonus of the hindhmbs is strongly increased (1, 3), whereas the opposite effect is elicited by moving the dog forward (2, 4) The dog, Piccolino, was blindfolded (S, J,). The stimulus facilitating the postural reaction is produced by modifying the position of the forelimbs in relation to the trunk (From G. G. J. Rademaker, 1931, Das Stehen, Berlin: J.

After ablation of the anterior lobe: when the animal is held in the air by its tail the legs are flexed. B. The same animal is now shown touching the ground with the soles of its feet. The marked increase in the postural reflexes is shown by the strong rigidity of the legs. C, D. Another acute thalamic pigeon showing extensor spasticity of the legs one hour after ablation of the anterior lobe. The animal is able to stand only when held by the tail (C). (From F. Bremer and R. Ley, 1927, Recherches sur la physiologic du cervelet chez le pigeon, Arch, internat.

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