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Similar investigations have been carried out on bodies consisting, at the firing temperature, of two solid phases and a liquid. In the sections of these bodies, five different kinds of boundary appear but, by drawing lines on the micrographs and counting the number of intersections with each kind of boundary separately, we can estimate the fraction of the total boundary area contributed by each kind of boundary. / + NSpmh the suffixes M, Sp, and / denoting magnesia, spinel, and liquid, respectively.

CERAMIC AND CERAMIC-METAL SYSTEMS 31 the tendency is still to move toward the right-hand side of the table as the ratio increases. 0, each of the three phase combinations occurring contains only four phases: magnesiowustite, spinel, and two silicates. For a more complete treatment, reference can be made to Rait (1950) or White (1962). The phase assemblages have been found to account for the phases found both in unused fired bricks and in used bricks after CaO and iron oxides have been picked up in service.

Combinations of phases coexisting with magnesia in the solid state in the seven-component system. Fortunately, the relationships were found to be fairly simple owing to the prevalence of solid solution and the principal features can be understood from the solid phase relationships in the corresponding part of the system CaOM g O - F e 2 0 3 - S i 0 2 that are shown in Fig. 4 (White, 1962). The latter shows the various phase combinations or assemblages that can occur in the presence of free MgO (periclase).

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