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Now in its 8th variation, Perry's Chemical Engineers' guide bargains unmatched, updated assurance of all facets of chemical engineering. For the 1st time, person sections can be found for buy. you can now obtain simply the content material you would like.

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98, 342–353 [1976]). Contraction of the channel, as in a venturi, provides further reduction in turbulence level and flow nonuniformity. Beds of Solids A suitable depth of solids can be used as a fluid distributor. As for other types of distribution devices, a pressure drop of 10 velocity heads is typically used, here based on the superficial velocity through the bed. There are several substantial disadvantages to use of particle beds for flow distribution. Heterogeneity of the bed may actually worsen rather than improve distribution.

Eng. , 53[12], 185–190, 192–195 [1954]). , 25, 240–245 [1979]). Das, Biswas, and Matra (Can. J. Chem. , 70, 431–437 [1993]) studied holdup in both horizontal and vertical gas/liquid flow with non-Newtonian liquids. Farooqi and Richardson (Trans. Inst. Chem. , 60, 292–305, 323–333 [1982]) developed correlations for holdup and pressure drop for gas/non-Newtonian liquid horizontal flow. They used a modified Lockhart-Martinelli parameter for non-Newtonian 6-28 FLUID AND PARTICLE DYNAMICS Liquid volume fraction in liquid/gas flow through horizontal pipes.

Multiphase Flow, 19, 527–529 [1993]). Ripple flow has an upward-moving wavy layer of liquid on the pipe wall; it may be thought of as a transition region to annular, annular mist, or film flow, in which gas flows in the core of the pipe while an annulus of liquid flows up the pipe wall. Some of the liquid is FIG. 6-28 Flow patterns in cocurrent upward vertical gas/liquid flow. , 26, 345–354 [1980]. Reproduced by permission of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers © 1980 AIChE. ) entrained as droplets in the gas core.

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