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By M. F. Doherty

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Now in its 8th version, Perry's Chemical Engineers' instruction manual deals unequalled, updated assurance of all features of chemical engineering. For the 1st time, person sections can be found for buy. you can now obtain purely the content material you would like for a fragment of the cost of the full quantity. Streamline your learn, pinpoint really good info, and economize by means of ordering unmarried sections of this definitive chemical engineering reference today.
First released in 1934, Perry's Chemical Engineers' instruction manual has outfitted generations of engineers and chemists with a professional resource of chemical engineering info and information. Now up-to-date to mirror the newest expertise and strategies of the hot millennium, the 8th version of this vintage consultant presents unsurpassed assurance of each point of chemical engineering-from primary rules to chemical methods and kit to new machine applications.
Filled with over seven hundred distinct illustrations, the 8th version of Perry's Chemical Engineers' guide features:
*Comprehensive tables and charts for unit conversion
*A enormously multiplied part on actual and chemical data
*New to this version: the most recent advances in distillation, liquid-liquid extraction, reactor modeling, organic methods, biochemical and membrane separation tactics, and chemical plant protection practices with coincidence case histories

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Multicomponent McCabe-Thiele diagram for the hydrocarbon distillation 13-39 13-40 DISTILLATION 1 Vapor Liquid 2 4 8 4 (a) Stage Stage 3 5 12 6 7 16 120 160 200 8 240 Flows (lb·mol/h) FIG. 13-45 84 88 92 96 100 Temperature (oF) Flow profiles in hydrocarbon distillation in Fig. 13-43. 0 Oil 385 FIG. 13-46 Specifications and calculated product stream flows and heat duties for absorber. Flows are in pound-moles per hour. 8 300 FIG. 13-47 400 Flows (lb·mol/h) 500 (a) Temperature and (b) flow profiles in absorber in Fig.

13-35 Specifications for the absorber example. SIMULATION OF DISTILLATION PROCESSES Chemical engineers have been solving distillation problems by using the equilibrium-stage model since 1893 when Sorel outlined the concept to describe the distillation of alcohol. Since that time, it has been used to model a wide variety of distillation-like processes, including simple distillation (single-feed, two-product columns), complex distillation (multiple-feed, multiple-product columns), extractive and azeotropic distillation, petroleum distillation, absorption, liquid-liquid extraction, stripping, and supercritical extraction.

FIG. 13-43 The McCabe-Thiele diagram for this design, showing that the feed is to the optimum stage, is shown in Fig. 13-44. The flow profiles are shown in Fig. 1345; note the step changes due to both the feed and the sidestream. As was the case in Example 3, the curvature in the flow profiles is due to enthalpy changes. Example 5: Absorber Compute stage temperatures and interstage vapor and liquid flow rates and compositions for the absorber specifications shown in Fig. 13-46. Note that a second absorber oil feed is used in addition to the main absorber oil and that heat is withdrawn from the seventh theoretical stage.

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