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A. large animals like camels B. small desert animals like lizards C. ocean animals D. animals in the rain forest 3. Why does the experiment include a Method section? A. to make it harder to do the experiment B. so that others can read about the experiment C. so other scientists can repeat the experiment D. so other scientists will not copy the experiment 4. What is condensation? A. sheets of ice B. lots of snowflakes C. boiling hot water D. tiny drops of water Write a new fact that you learned from reading this passage.

Salt water has a lot of salt and other substances that are not safe for humans or animals to consume. It is also not useful for crop irrigation or washing. P. The Water Planet With all the oceans, rivers, and lakes on our planet, it may seem that Earth has an endless supply of drinking water. P. Freshwater on Land Freshwater collects when it rains or when snow melts. The water that falls on rocks and soil runs into streams. The streams run together and form rivers. All the land that water runs off is a watershed.

7. In the morning, measure how much condensation is in each cup. P. ” 1. Why do the cups all have different things inside? A. to test what has the most hidden water in it B. because some cups are better than others C. to tell the temperature in the desert D. to make sure there is enough water 2. What kind of creatures would be helped the most by condensation? A. large animals like camels B. small desert animals like lizards C. ocean animals D. animals in the rain forest 3. Why does the experiment include a Method section?

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