Jean-Claude Rambaud (auth.), Professor Jean-Claude Rambaud,'s Ökosystem Darm Special : Updates on Clostridium difficile PDF

By Jean-Claude Rambaud (auth.), Professor Jean-Claude Rambaud, Professor J. Thomas LaMont (eds.)

ISBN-10: 2287596402

ISBN-13: 9782287596407

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ISBN-13: 9782817809038

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Difficile colitis without pseudomembranes In the infant and young child, the pathogenic role of C. difficile seems to be implicated in some cases of necrotizing enterocolitis [11, 22], in enterocolitis occurring before or after operations for Hirschsprung's disease [2], in the intestinal complications of the hemolytic/uremic syndrome and in some cases of recurrent ulcerative colitis [30,43]. Several studies have suggested a role for enterotoxic strains of C. difficile in the , infant sudden death syndrome (SIDS), but this remains controversial.

Difficile in the colon usually requires the disruption of the normal flora by antibiotics, the use of systemic antibiotics should be avoided whenever possible. For example, an elderly patient with an episode of vomiting with aspiration and a fever several hours later might be treated with aerosolized bronchodilators and chest percussion, one with an infected pressure sore and a low-grade fever might be treated with debridement and betadine wet-to-dry dressings, and another with a fever without obvious source who is otherwise clinically stable might be monitored and given extra fluids for 12 to 24 hours.

Difficile infection specifically. In addition, rational prescription of antibiotics must be assured by the medical director and nursing quality control officer to minimize the risk that susceptible individuals are made more vulnerable to this potentially lethal infection. Although «sterilization» of the environment is an ideal, given the ubiquity of this organism and the hardiness of the spores it produces, a false sense of security will be engendered by those who place too great a reliance upon soap and germicidals alone for infection control.

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