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1957-58 The first nuclear power facility in the USA opens. 1979 At a reactor at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania, a cooling pump fails. The core overheated and radioactive material escapes from the containment vessel. 1985 At a laboratory in California, scientists use a huge Nuclear power is one alternative to carbon-based laser called Nova to create nuclear fusion. This fuels, but waste disposal issues makes it less safe produces energy in the same way as the Sun. than other alternatives such as wind power.

Knowing their destructive 1939 capability, many countries Scientists bombard uranium atoms with neutrons and split keep a watchful eye on nuclear them apart in a process called nuclear fission. weapons throughout the world. 1945 American planes drop two atomic bombs on Japan that lead to the end of World War II. 1946 The United States creates the Atomic Energy Commission to study peaceful uses of nuclear science and nuclear energy possibilities. This leads to commercial uses of nuclear technology.

Overcome the danger of loss of coolant with resultant overheating. Fast spectrum reactors can make new fuel, and make less waste. This decreases the demand for more uranium to be mined. Switching Sides? Since 1971, members of the environmental organization Greenpeace have campaigned against environmental issues including uranium mining, nuclear testing, and nuclear waste. Recently, Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore has changed his opinion on nuclear power. He points out that 600 coal-fired electrical plants produce 36 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

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