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By Cathy N. Davidson

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"As scholarly as [it] is . . . this ebook approximately schooling occurs to double as an confident, even exciting, summer season read." —The ny Times

A remarkable mixture of technological know-how and its real-world software, Now you notice It sheds gentle on one of many maximum difficulties of our ancient second: our colleges and companies are designed for the final century, now not for a global during which know-how has reshaped the way in which we expect and study. during this knowledgeable and positive paintings, Cathy N. Davidson takes us on a travel of the way forward for paintings and schooling, introducing us to visionaries whose groundbreaking principles will quickly have an effect on each enviornment of our lives, from colleges with curriculums outfitted round games to offices that use digital environments to coach employees.

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These results are in disagreement with earlier work (4245), which suggested that addition of monomer at a rate greater than a critical value (the maximum polymerization rate) gave "flooded" conditions and addition at a rate slower than the critical rate gave "starved" conditions where the rate of polymerization was a constant times the rate of monomer addition. The present results show that the maximum rate is that of the batch polymerization, with those of the semi-continuous polymerizations approaching that of the batch polymerization with increasing monomer addition rates.

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