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This consultant can help you discover the easiest invertebrate body structure assets to be had to LVC scholars

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Cilia absent, locomotion by pseudopodia. (Gr. rhize = root + podas = foot) locomotory organs pseudopodia. Short lobose or foliose pseudopodia, ecto and endoplasm distinct. Body naked without test or shell. 54 Non-Chordate (Invertebrate) Zoology Practical Comments I. Amoeba is an unicellular, microscopic, animalcule measuring from 200 11 to 300 11 with an irregular body shape and appears like a colourless, gelatinous mass of protoplasm. ,~ Von Rosenhoff in 1755 . vacuoles 2. Body is externally covered by a very thin, clear, relatively tough elastic and semipermeable covering of protoplasm, the plasmalemma.

Ex: AllIedon (Feather star), Neometra. Sub-Phylum II. Eleutherozoa It is divided into 4 classes. Characters and Classification of Non-Chordates 35 Class I. Asteroidea (Gr. Aster =star + eidos = form) 1. Popularly known as star fishes or sea stars. 2. Body star shaped, central disc and arms not sharply marked. _ 0-' • 3. Pedicellariae present. 4. Tube feet with suckers. It consists of three orders. Orders 1. Phanerozonia 1. Pedicellariae sessile, not crossed. 2. Tube feet without suckers. Ex. Astropecten, Pentaceros.

Ex. Nucula. Nuculina Order-III. Eulamellibranchia Order-II. Filibranchia I. Gill filaments reflexed but fused incompletely. Ex. Mytilus. Pecten I. Gill filaments reflexed but fused completely Ex. Teredo. Unio Order-IV. Septibrailchia I. Gills absent. Ex. Cuspidaria Class VI. Cephalopoda Gr. ) 1. Body elongated dorsoventrally, shell external, internal or absent. 2. Head distinct and large with well developed eyes. Radula present. 3. Foot as tentacles and siphon. 4. Dioecious; development direct.

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