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By Richard Walding; Greg Rapkins; Glenn Rossiter

ISBN-10: 0195517776

ISBN-13: 9780195517774

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We now believe that the Earth is moving around the Sun but how do we know this? • The Earth moves in a circular orbit and never slows down. Most objects in the world seem to travel in straight lines and slow down. Why is the Earth different? The above three questions have several similarities. How many different things do they have in common? Physics developed over the centuries as people pondered on these questions and came up with all sorts of different explanations. But people also found that knowing about the motion of everyday objects became more and more important.

Note: it can be shown that: • velocity equals zero at the top of flight • time of flight up equals time down • acceleration is constant even at the top of flight when velocity is zero • initial speed equals final speed • final velocity equals the negative of the initial velocity • air resistance is negligible and can be neglected. Trajectory of an object thrown vertically. top of flight v = 0 a = –10 m s -2 t = 1 ttotal 2 a = –10 m s -2 a = –10 m s -2 Example A ball is thrown vertically upward at 20 m s–1.

42 New Century Senior Physics: Concepts in Context P H Y S I C S FA C T T H E P OW E R O F M I N U S (a) In 1962, the Mariner I mission launched towards Venus but the rocket separated from the boosters too soon and plunged into the ocean 4 minutes after take-off. Some klutz left a negative (–) sign out of the computer program. (b) The old equation for the energy of a photon was 1/ mv2 = hf. Einstein 2 added –W and got a Nobel Prize. Ch02-Walding 4th 25/8/04 10:14 AM Page 43 Example 3 A person aboard a balloon moving downward at 30 m s–1 drops a sandbag at an elevation of 500 m.

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