Multiscale Modeling and Simulation in Science by Jørg E. Aarnes, Knut—Andreas Lie, Vegard Kippe, Stein PDF

By Jørg E. Aarnes, Knut—Andreas Lie, Vegard Kippe, Stein Krogstad (auth.), Björn Engquist, Per Lötstedt, Olof Runborg (eds.)

ISBN-10: 354088856X

ISBN-13: 9783540888567

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ISBN-13: 9783540888574

This ebook comprises lecture notes of present improvement in multiscale modeling, computations and functions. It covers basic mathematical concept, numerical algorithms in addition to functional computational recommendation for analysing unmarried and multiphysics versions containing various scales in time and house. complicated fluids, porous media circulation and oscillatory dynamical structures are handled in a few additional intensity, in addition to instruments like analytical and numerical homogenization, quick multipole tools and wavelets. The textual content contains good designed routines and venture studies on varied functions comparable to astrophysics, computational chemistry, porous media move and weather change.

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The discrete system that arises from this mimetic FDM is of the same form as (20). The only difference at the discrete level is that the entries in B and g are computed using the m(·, ·) inner-product instead of the L2 inner-product (u, λ −1 v) on H div (Ω ). Thus, for the mimetic FDM we have gkl = m(ρΞ , ψkl ) , where Ξ = ∑i j ξi j ψi j and ξi j = 1 |γi j | γi j bi j,kl = m(ψi j , ψkl ) , G · ni j ds. 22 J. E. –A. Lie, V. Kippe, S. Krogstad Fig. 7. Examples of deformed and degenerate hexahedral cells arising in corner-point grid models.

Sci. , 19(5):1717–1736, 1998. 8. T. Arbogast. Numerical subgrid upscaling of two-phase flow in porous media. In Z. Chen, R. E. -C. , pages 35–49. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2000. 9. T. Arbogast. Analysis of a two-scale, locally conservative subgrid upscaling for elliptic problems. SIAM J. Numer. , 42(2):576–598, 2004. 10. K. Aziz and A. Settari. Petroleum reservoir simulation. Elsevier, London and New York, 1979. 11. I. Babu˘ska, G. Caloz, and E. Osborn. Special finite element methods for a class of second order elliptic problems with rough coefficients.

The MsFEM was first introduced by Hou and Wu [33], but the basic idea goes back to earlier work by Babu˘ska and Osborn [12] for 1D problems and Babu˘ska, Caloz, and Osborn [11] for special 2D problems. The method is, like standard FEMs, based on a variational formulation. In the variational formulation of (27) we seek p ∈ H01 (Ω ) such that a(p, v) = ( f , v) for all v ∈ H01 (Ω ), where (·, ·) is the L2 inner-product and a(p, v) = Ω K(x)u (x)v (x) dx. (28) 30 J. E. –A. Lie, V. Kippe, S. Krogstad Now, let NB = {0 = x0 < x1 < .

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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation in Science by Jørg E. Aarnes, Knut—Andreas Lie, Vegard Kippe, Stein Krogstad (auth.), Björn Engquist, Per Lötstedt, Olof Runborg (eds.)

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