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By Ron Miller

ISBN-10: 0761323619

ISBN-13: 9780761323617

Contrasts the invention, construction, orbit, surroundings, composition, floor positive aspects, and rotation of the closest and farthest planets from the solar.

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The heat of the new Sun prevented experiment, keeps them from so. distant icy bodies ice it from forming on the Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars were there- up mostly from metals and rocky materials. At the dis- tance of Jupiter and beyond, there was plenty of ice so the planets there were created mostly from a mixture of ice, rock, and metal. Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, rock and metal, has changed I"> billion years ago. Pluto, the intense cold, little most since it a world of heat and was formed nearly 4 distant planet, a may be one of the remnants of the infancy.

Pluto was made estimates of its smaller. Another size of in turn for scientists to estimate the is to When measure scientists responsible for all its influence thought th of the perturba- had been observed in the orbit Uranus and Neptune, they calculated that Pluto had to have been much larger tions that s' actually turned out to be.

NASA] The only smooth areas on Mercury are flat plains where lava Recent research has revealed the possible presence of ancient volcanoes on Mercury. Some of this lava may have come from them, while in other cases it may have been released when large asteroids punched through the crust. once poured over the Only a surface. few of these smooth lava plains survived the battering of millions of meteors, asteroids, and comets that occurred since the planet's formation. While the Sun dominates the daytime sky of Mercury, two brilliant starlike points sometimes blaze in the dark sky of Mercury's night.

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