Make Your Own Paper Snowflakes - download pdf or read online

By Peggy Edwards

ISBN-10: 0590026429

ISBN-13: 9780590026420

All you would like is a couple of scissors and you may make appealing snowflake paper cut-outs.

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All you would like is a couple of scissors and you'll make attractive snowflake paper cut-outs.

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By 1996, a member of the Institution of Engineers Australia was twice as likely to work in private industry as in government. Moreover, engineers’ tasks are increasingly people- rather than design-centred. Of IEAust members, 40 per cent were employed in “management” in 1995 (Webster, 1996) and, like their American and British counterparts, tended to choose this non-technical path as a good career move and an advance in status. Most employers of engineering graduates now tend to cite communication skills as the top criterion for appointment, followed by other generic characteristics, rather than by a specific depth of technical skill (Spotlight, 2000).

Bruno, J. and Jofre, L. (2002), “Curriculum and environmental research co-ordination at Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona”, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 10 No. 1, pp. 25-32. org/ European Commission (2000), Environmental Criteria in the Design, Construction and Use of Buildings and Their Planned Application in Parc Tecnolo`gic de la Mediterra`nia, ENERGIE Program, EU, Brussels. int/comm/education/ Technical University of Catalonia 265 IJSHE 5,3 266 Ferrer-Balas, D. (2004), “Global environmental planning at the Technical University of Catalonia”, International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Vol.

The first remark, however, is that in terms of relevance, this table is more interesting concerning the trends and comparisons between values, than the specific values themselves. It is difficult to establish direct correlations or deductions from Table IV, as there are many other features to be considered. However, it may be interesting to make some basic remarks concerning these data. B). Notice that the higher values correspond to hard disciplines as civil or nautical engineering, with values of more than 30 per cent, while industrial engineering (and related) disciplines remain at about 10-20 per cent, and ICTs around 0-10 per cent.

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