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By Linda Glaser

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Describes, in basic textual content and full-color illustrations, the actual features, conduct, and lifestyles cycle of the monarch butterfly.

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Monarch butterflies sip nectar (the sweet juice) of plants such as dandelions, milkweed, thistle, phlox, and wild aster. Their moutha proboscisis shaped like a long skinny straw. It curls up when they're not eating and uncurls to sip the nectar. What makes monarchs so special? The monarch is the only tropical butterfly that lives part of its life far from the tropicsin places all over the United States and southern Canada. The monarch of North America is the only known butterfly that migrates to specific destinations in large numbers and makes a two-way journey.

They all rest, close together, staying warm until spring. Then my little friend starts back north again. Here she finds young milkweed plants. She lays her eggs. At last! Soon a wiggly caterpillar pushes out of the egg, a tiny new life, an amazing new friend. Monarch Facts For children who want to know more, here are some answers to questions they may have: How many eggs does a monarch butterfly lay? She lays about 400 eggs-all on milkweed plants. She usually lays only one egg per plant. Do monarch caterpillars eat any other plants besides milkweed?

She usually lays only one egg per plant. Do monarch caterpillars eat any other plants besides milkweed? No. Monarch caterpillars eat only milkweed leaves. It's their only food. Milkweed is a common weed found all over the United States. However, in many places it's mowed down or killed because it's a weed. Without milkweed, there would be no more monarchs. Monarchs need milkweed to survive. Are caterpillars a type of worm? No. Worms always stay worms. They never change into another shape. Caterpillars change into butterflies or moths.

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