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This ebook presents a wealth of information on scientific learn, molecular biology and biochemistry of magnesium. The ebook additionally goals to right a couple of misconceptions bearing on organic roles of magnesium. Synergic interactions of magnesium with pyridoxine in addition to with minerals and with medicines are unique. The publication could be urged to medical professionals of alternative specialties (neurologists, cardiologists, physicians, paediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists, pathologists, nutritionists and others) which may fruitfully use the knowledge offered within the publication of their scientific perform. The booklet may also be worthwhile to clinical scholars learning experimental and medical pharmacology.

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Diagnosis of eclampsia necessitates, in accordance with the WHO regulations, urgent treatment with magnesium preparations. Development of eclampsia is often preceded by gestosis (pre-eclampsia). 75 mmol/L. The clinical features of the magnesium deficiency in gestosis (pre-eclampsia) include: • • • • • • Increase in blood pressure, proteinuria, convulsions; Pathologically elevated muscular tone of the uterus; Pains in the back, lumbar and pelvis; Tendency for swellings due to the imbalance Na/K, Na/Mg and Mg/Ca (because of the strengthening of aldosterone influences and also because of the increased retention of Na and water in the body) Premature births or miscarriages; Often combined with a deficit pyridoxine.

Gromova • • • • • • • Apathy Twitching of individual muscles (in particular, facial muscles) Movements of fingers reflecting tetanus Augmented knee reflex Trousseau symptom Chvostek test “Obstetrician’s hand” test (tetanus contracture after blocking shoulder with tourniquet) Shakes (tremors) represent a kind of hyperkinesia which is characterized by involuntary, excessive and violent movements of the muscles which impede implementation of the deliberate motions. In the case of neuroses and magnesium deficiency, hyperkinesias are most often observed in the fingers, has small amplitude and changing rhythm.

Magnesium ion (sphere) is shown along with the substrate analogue bound in the active site of the enzyme (PDB file 1JR4). Mg deficit can also negatively affect the ability of adequate response to stress. The type “A” subjects (aggressive behavior) are more sensitive to stress and produce more catecholamines than other personality types (Henrotte, 1986). A magnesium deficiency will only aggravate the negative consequences produced by the stress. The above example indicated the intrinsic relationship that exists between the magnesium status and the operation of the neural system at the molecular level.

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