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Today, everyone uses the word "cancer", but does everyone correctly understand the meaning· of the term? What do specialists mean by the word "cancer"? It is known that the numerous cells that make up the Lhuman body are constantly divided and increase in the number. A typical example is the process of wound healing when the number of neighbouring undamaged cells increase and cover the wound. In a healthy organism there is a stable equilibrium between dividing and dying cells. Physicians usually speak of a specific mechanism regulating the processes of cell division and tissue growth.

The principal detail within the epi-illuminator is an interference beam splitter coated with layers of dielectrics. By choosing the layers of dielectrics, one can obtain a beam splitter, which 2 Fig. 3. A general scheme of epi-illuminator: I-Interference beam splitter; 2lens; a-object selectively reflects up to 95 % of light in one region of the spectrum and correspondingly transmits almost all the light in the other spectral region. The light reflected by the object, as well as by the glass and the microscope surfaces, is for the most part reflected by the splitter and does not reach the observer's eye.

In the post-war years, effective synthetic drugs were developed, one of them being quinacrine hydrochloride (acrichin). I t differs from quinine in that its molecule has acridinic cycle, and the structural differences between quinine and quinacrine hydrochloride determine the different luminescent properties of the two substances. Quinine is not luminescent in alkaline medium, while quinacrine hydrochloride produces bright green glow in this medium. Antimalarial drugs are not the only drugs that have the property of luminescence.

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