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By J. van den Handel (auth.), S. Flügge (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783642458408

71 For a given price of I the sphere is self sufficient of the geometrical composition of the coil contained in the winding house. the particular variety of turns and the move­ portion of the conductors is solely made up our minds through the impedance of the facility provide to which the magnet could be tailored. on the subject of low impedance (high present and coffee voltage) few turns of thick steel may be used. in relation to excessive impedance (low present and excessive voltage) many turns of skinny fabric are wanted. excessive impedance coils are made up of sq. cord or flat strip wound into layers or "pancakes" 1. a pleasant procedure for low impedance coils used to be deve­ loped by way of sour. The turns of his magnets include flat copper discs separated via skinny insulating sheets and joined jointly at their edges. during this form of coil the present density is greater close to the axis than on the external, ensuing right into a greater price for G (see above). For the main points of the development we seek advice from the unique papers 2, three. If the ability is dissipated at a low voltage the cooling might be completed with assistance from water. Distilled water can be most well liked over mains' water in an effort to hinder the magnet from corrosion. with regards to a excessive voltage coil a few non-inflammable natural fluid may be used. A low viscosity and a wide particular warmth are advantageous.

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