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Pasch and Hiller separated a technical oligo(ethylene oxide) by isocratic RPLC with respect to degree of polymerization and functional end groups, and analyzed the chemical structure by on-line 1H-NMR detection [170]. The experiments was conducted under conditions that are common for HPLC 48 Taihyun Chang Fig. 30. TGIC separation of PS samples with different end groups (hydrogen terminated vs hydroxy terminated) by NP-TGIC. 1 mm, eluent: isooctane/THF=55/45 (v/v) and RP-TGIC. 1 mm, eluent: CH2Cl2/CH3CN=57/43 (v/v)).

Separated individual blocks of alcohol ethoxylate and PEO-b-PPO, respectively (Fig. 20) [137–139]. Due to the amphiphilic nature of the block copolymer, the combination of NPLC and RPLC worked well. Recently Trathnigg et al. characterized fatty acid polyglycol esters using 2D-LC with LCCC as the first and RPLC as the second dimension [140]. Fractions from LCCC are transferred to RPLC using the full adsorption-desorption (FAD) technique [125], by which they are focused and reconcentrated before injection into the second dimension (Fig.

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