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Throughout its historical past, medication has benefited from medical discov­ eries made in complementary fields reminiscent of chemistry, physics and biology. therefore, in the course of the final century, the works of Pasteur, a chemist and biologist, via revealing the realm of micro-organisms, micro organism and viruses, made it attainable to regulate a number of frequently deadly illnesses. Guided through the paintings of this encouraged biologist, the English general practitioner, Sir Joseph Lister, built aseptic recommendations that have rendered attainable the stunning achievements of contemporary surgical procedure. it truly is principally as a result of such advances that the life-expectancy of guy, 50 years on the flip of the century (1900), methods seventy five years in 1981. Even this day, although, nonetheless, teams of diseases, arter­ iosclerosis and melanoma, are liable for 70 according to cent of human deaths either in Canada and within the usa. the previous is a degenerative means of the arterial procedure, the latter an out of control and harmful mobile proliferation. even though numerous predisposing components are recognized, the fundamental reason for those stipulations is fully unknown. so long as this lack of expertise of the etiology persists, all varieties of remedy may be not more than palliative.

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The apolipoproteins in each category of lipoproteins are identified in Table 5. Chylomicrons and VLDL are rich in Apo A, Apo Band Apo C, whereas, IDL and LDL for all practical purposes contain only Apo B. HDL are characterized mainly by their content of Apo A. erences 9 . 20 . 25 serine glutamic acid alanine arginine The chain length of the peptides and their amino acids content are the main characteristics used to distinguish between the different families of apolipoproteins or between members of the same family.

The phosphate group is negatively charged, whereas choline, serine and ethanolamine, which react with the phosphate group, are positively charged because of the nitrogen they contain. Phospholipids are therefore highly polar. ,. TRIGLYCERIDE PROTEIN ---<=J- CHOLESTEROL ESTER Fig. 15-A schematic illustration of a lipoprotein complex. ) Lipoproteins may be represented as microspheres consisting of proteins, phospholipids and free and esterified cholesterol; the relationship between these compounds within the micro spheres is governed by their respective polarities.

Physiology and pharmacology. New York. North-Holland. 1976 30. Kolata GB: Thromboxanes: The power behind the prostaglandins? Science. 190:770-771, 812. 1975 2 The technology of edible fats and oils INTRODUCTION The consumption of fats by Canadians has remained practically constant since 1950, varying only by 6-10 per cent over the years and settling at about 25 kilograms per capita since 1970. The nature of the fats consumed, however, has changed (Fig 17). The consumption of butter, for example, fell by 50 per cent between 1950 and 1975, whereas that of margarine increased by 70 per cent and that of shortenings and shortening oils by 86 per centl.

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