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How do magnets paintings? What makes a curve ball curve? What retains an aircraft within the air? How can a pulley make you 5 occasions superior? you can now examine the solutions to those and different questions on uncomplicated physics via a hundred and one enjoyable, secure, inexpensive experiments and actions that may be played at domestic or within the school room. In Physics for each child, you will find out about gravity from funnels that appear to defy nature by means of rolling up hill. utilizing a balloon as an influence resource, you will make a fluorescent mild bulb glow and learn the way electrons are used to provide gentle. and you may levitate a Ping-Pong ball to appreciate aerodynamics. all the one zero one experiments is damaged down into its goal, an inventory of fabrics, step by step directions, anticipated effects, and a simple to appreciate clarification. each job has been pretested and will be played appropriately and inexpensively within the lecture room or at domestic. additionally on hand during this sequence from Janice VanCleave: Astronomy for each child Biology for each child Chemistry for each child Dinosaurs for each child Earth technological know-how for each child Geography for each child Geometry for each child The Human physique for each child Math for each child

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Purpose To demonstrate that an object continues to move due to inertia. Materials 5 books chair or cart with rollers Procedure Stack the books on the edge of the chair's seat. Push the chair forward then quickly stop the chair. Results The books move forward and fall to the floor. Why? Inertia is a resistance to any change in motion. A moving object remains in motion until some force stops it. The books are moving at the same speed as the chair. They are not attached to the chair. Therefore, when the chair stops, the books continue to move forward.

The card moves so quickly that it translates very little force to the clothespin. The pin falls straight down due to the pull of gravity when the card no longer supports it. If you do not hit the card straight forward with enough force, it pulls the bottom of the pin forward and gravity pulls the top of the pin down, causing the pin to flip before it lands. Â < previous page < previous page page_138 page_139 next page > next page > Page 139 33 34 Â < previous page < previous page page_139 page_14 next page > next page > Page 14 4 Galvanometer Purpose To determine if an electric current affects a magnet.

Release the marble and observe the cup. Results The cup moves when the marble strikes it. The cup moved an additional distance when the ruler rested on the book. Â < previous page < previous page page_154 page_155 next page > next page > Page 155 Why? Objects at rest have potential energy. The higher the object sits above the ground, the greater is its potential energy. When objects fall or roll down an incline, their potential energy changes into kinetic energyenergy of motion. Increasing the height from which the marble rolled gave it more energy, causing it to strike the cup with more force.

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